Maszyny hydrauliczne


Part no.: YHHC-92C-O
Two-grade speed and no axial displacement
Enlarge opening, suitable for many kinds of elbow fitting
Suitable for quick change tool
Equipped with protection adapter which protect dies against the failure installation
Repeatability precision reaches to 0.01mm and venire regulation is accurate and steady for advanced control of crimping.
The machine YHHC-92C-O is safe and reliable for customers for using its excellent hydraulic and electrical element.

Tabela danych technicznych

Zakres zaciskania1/8’’-2.1/2’’  4SP/--4’’
Standardowe napięcie i silnik380 V / 4KW
Otwieranie bez wykrojnikówΦ160mm
Opcjonalne napięcie i silnik220 V / 2,2 kW
Nr standardowego zestawu matryc16 zestawów
Systematyczne ciśnienie30MPa
Głośność (L * W * H)720mm*530mm*820mm